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Heating And Cooling

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Heating And Cooling

Heating And Cooling

Heating and cooling are very important for our homes / offices as they are responsible to maintain proper temperature to make us feel fine. These systems, due to their wear and tear sometimes cause problems. So when these systems malfunction, we call for professional services for repairs.

Although it has been observed that may people try to repair these systems by themselves and end up misunderstand the system that leads to even more problems.
Yet, there are ways by which one can try to diagnose the problem by themselves. But before we venture there, it is important to understand as how heating and cooling systems function.

The working of heating and cooling systems

First we need to understand as what are its components – First is the thermostat, which regulates the flow of warm or cool air across the distribution area, i.e. home or office. This is connected to a furnace (for heating) or Air conditioning (for cooling). This thermostat is connected to the duct which distributes the air across equally. So basically, if a heating or cooling system malfunctions, one of these components may be causing the problem.

The principle behind both these systems is the same. The movement of warm replaces the cooler one. The energy required to run these systems is usually done by electricity. Although some heating systems use gas or fuel. But the ones running with electricity can be used in both seasons as winter it pulls heat from the air outside and uses this heat to warm the air inside and in summers; it extracts heat from the air inside your house.

Heating And Cooling

In the heating system, when the furnace is turned on, heat is produced and channeled to the living areas in the house via ducts. Older systems a boiler to store and heat the water supply, which is circulated as hot water through pipes, embedded in the walls.

Whereas in air conditioning, electricity is used to cool down gas inside a coil to its liquid form and then warm air is cooled when it comes in contact with the cooling coil. Now this cooled air is channeled to the rooms via ducts.

In most cases, after the air is warmed or cooled at the source, it is distributed to across rooms with different ways like forced-air, gravity, or radiant systems. These systems have their own way of functioning. Forced air method uses blower (a powered fan) that forcefully pushes the air through ducts. Gravity method is used only in heating systems as where air is warmed; it rises above the cool air, ready to be distributed through outlets. And finally the radiating systems use electric heating panels to generate heat, which is radiated into rooms.

Like gravity wall heaters, these heating panels are usually installed in warm climates or where electricity is relatively inexpensive. Radiant power systems cannot be used to distribute cool air from an air conditioner as warm air rises and cool air would require extra electricity to bow out.

Although the latest heating and air-cooling controls used these days are solid-state electronics. These control the air temperature and are more accurate and responsive than their older counterparts. However, repairing the solid-state controls is not possible and the outcome is usually replacement.

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