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What is grey water and how can we use it?

Water is one of the biggest necessities of life and we cannot possibly think of life without water. As this resource is diminishing slowly and slowly, it is time to learn how to use it wisely. You may cut your consumption of this resource, along with thinking for the possible way to reuse it to a greater extent.

One can think of applying a grey water system. It is one of the great ways to contribute to water conservation. Doing this, we can ensure that this earth lives another day with our little contribution. In this article, you will get to read what is grey water and how can we make its effective use.

What is Grey Water?

As this term is not so common, so we cannot assume how many of you know about it and how many don’t. If you don’t anything about grey water, then the answer is it is the waste water from various sinks, tubs, showers and alike. Although it has basically been used for some purposes, we can still use it for a lot of other things.

If you are thinking that grey water and black water are all the same things, then you are wrong. The black one usually comes from the toilet and has been infected with fecal matter. Therefore, you should not use it for fulfilling various other purposes in your home.One can contribute to the decreased release of black water. You can do it by fixing a running toilet and using the one that requires less water.

What can be done with grey water?

Grey water, on the other hand, contains a mixture of food traces, hair, chemical products and more. Therefore, we can use it for irrigation which ultimately results in decreased overall water consumption. Some of the particles that are present in this water can be usedin the form of fertilizers as well. You can even use it in toilets for the flushing purpose after recycling it.

If you are using it for irrigation purposes, you should keep certain things in mind and avoid doing it. Do not flush the things that have high salt contents such as boron and bleach. If you use the grey water wisely, you will not only save on your money but also our precious environment. Although some plants in your garden area might take benefit from the waste products in the water, the sewer system will also appreciate flushing less waste. If you wish to, then you can avoid using it for your vegetable garden.

You can use it for plants other than vegetables such as trees and for those you do not consume. For using the grey water in lawn areas, let it pass through it directly. It is better if you use it for older plants that are planted in a larger area. Consider to use it on a flat surface so that it doesn’t spread on the unnecessary areas. If you are planning to use it in toilets, then you should use it directly without putting it into that tank.


Hence, we should do as much as we can to save our natural resources. We should not only try to save water, but also other natural resources without which we cannot think of life on earth.

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