The term PEX stands for a cross-linked polyethylene tubing which is a plastic material that is used for water supply piping systems. This is the product that offers different advantages more than the Copper material, or the PVC and galvanized steel pipes. The PEX is a flexible and much easier pipe material to install as compared to the rigid pipe which offers the high-heating resistance along with the long durability. The PEX plumbing pipe comes in a size from ¼ inch to 4 inches within the diameter. There are most of the common sizes for water supply pipes are 1 inch.

PEX Plumbing Pipe What are the advantages that come along with a PEX plumbing pipe?

The PEX plumbing pipe comes along with different advantages over the traditional plumbing pipe materials. It is made up of material with a flexible and resilient material. The PEX is more resistant to breakage that is due to freezing and both the copper or PVC pipe. One of the premium factors is the flexibility and easy process to install it. In other words, the PEX pipes can be easily fixed or winded up throughout the walls or on the floor to its final connection.

What is the application for the PEX plumbing pipe?

The PEX plumbing pipe was earlier developed in the 1960a that were accepted by almost all the plumbing and building codes in the provinces of the United States. However, there are some of the local codes that are applied during the PEX plumbing installations. The key to installing the  PEX plumbing pipe is to join in with the barbed fillings and the metal crimp rings. You can also install the PEX Plumbing pipe with the DIY friendly push-in fittings. Moreover, you can easily cut the PEX tubers with the cutter to use.

We generally use PEX plumbing pipes for:

  • Water supply lines
  • Floor heating applications
  • Heat transfer and permafrost protection
  • Water distribution of hot water such as radiators.
  • Firewater sprinklers.

What are the limitations attached to the PEX Plumbing pipe?

There are very few limitations attached to the PEX plumbing pipe once you try to install it. You have to install it only in the approved locations, where it is damage proof. Make sure it is kept away from the flammable products while installing and must not be exposed to the UV lights directly that damages the material of the PEX pipes over time. The PEX pipes can also get damaged when in contact with high concentrations of chlorine chemicals.

 In a conclusive viewpoint:

The PEX plumbing pipe is one of the key and important factors you should consider while installing a pipeline. It is the easiest and the flexible pipe material to be used for commercial and residential pipeline structures. We hope that this article, have rightly introduced to the concepts of polyethylene pipes. If you still have some doubts about the same or you want to know more about it kindly visit the official website to relate the information and the concepts about the same.